Leipzig University of Applied Sciences

Tape it!

Project period: 2018 – 2019 Our services: Corporate Design

The Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) took its internal structural reform as an opportunity to review the university’s corporate design.

At its first workshop – the Creative Opening – the working group established specifically for this projectquickly realized that they needed more than cosmetic changes. What began as an exploration of the status quo led to a process that reached across all faculties . The outcome was an entirely new corporate design that underscores HTWK Leipzig’s claim and image as a modern university of applied sciences.

“I am pleased to say we’ve found a corporate design that is not the result of the sum of our greatest concerns, but shows what the HTWK aspires to be; that positions itself clearly and gives us flexibility. And that is exactly what’s at stake.

Prof. Ulrich Vetter


The “Tapes” design principle
The “Tapes” – two vertical bars that make up the “H” in the logo – form the key design element of the visuals. Rendered in black, white and contrasting colors, they play a central role in giving university media a unique look and feel.



Featuring a minimum number of rules, the new corporate design offers great freedom in application. For example, there are various options available for applying the tapes and a spectrum of colors within the color climate to choose from for business cards.

As part of the project, we designed a variety of media such as posters, flyers, business stationery and PowerPoint presentations. Each of these involve a variety of individualization opportunities that meet the needs of different departments.




Style guide

Making it possible for employees in all departments to implement their media independently was part of the concept from the start. Employees were provided training that introduced them to the new corporate design and how to apply the templates. The style guide also contains numerous examples designed to inspire and encourage users to develop their own creative solutions within the framework of the new corporate design.




First steps

We are delighted that the university is taking such a courageous, creative and diverse approach with the new corporate design.