Bosch Energy and Building Solutions

Performance built on Partnership

Project period: Sept. 2016 – April 2017 Our services: communication concept | key messages | claim | key visual | implementation

Through its Energy and Building Solutions division, Bosch delivers joined-up solutions for increased security, efficiency and comfort in commercial buildings.

We delivered an on-target image campaign with a consistent visual language to make Bosch an internationally recognized brand in this sector.

After crafting key messages tailored to the target audience, a text/image system and a claim, we rolled the concept out across diverse media.

Dialogue between partners
What are the markers of a good partnership? The ability to listen, understand and respond appropriately to the wishes and needs of the other person. That’s exactly what our concept reflects in both structure and content: the two-part headline mechanism follows a dialogue principle, which is visualised in the layout by the “connected boxes”.

“Energy platform” ad
Motifs for different areas and target groups