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Project period: since 2014 Our services: communication concept | PoS materials | packaging

As Europe’s market leader in e-bike components Bosch eBike Systems is a driver of innovation. As many as 70 leading bicycle brands worldwide use Bosch’s drive units, powerful rechargeable batteries and smart on-board computers for their products.

Retail communication is a cornerstone of marketing and an important touchpoint with end customers. For Bosch eBike Systems, we design and create a wide range of promotional tools and advertising materials for specialist dealers.


After-sales market analysis

How can we improve communication with retailers? Which channels and touchpoints should we leverage to engage end customers and bind them to the Bosch brand? What advertising materials are dealers using, and what are they missing?

Dealer insights on various topics

These are some of the questions the project was intended to address. To answer them, we researched the competition, studied industry trends and analysed the market.

We also used questionnaires and telephone interviews to identify the needs and wishes of eBike dealers throughout Germany. Based on the results, we developed a target-group-specific action plan, which shows a multitude of possibilities for future communication.

Evaluating interviews
Action plan

Stand-up display, front/rear


Stand-up display, product overview, front/rear

PoS material

Since 2015, we’ve been creating and designing a variety of retailer-oriented communication media for each model year. First measures that arose from the after-sales concept have been incorporated into the communication materials, which are localised into six languages for the international market. The examples featured here are from 2017.

The dealer can choose from a wide range of PoS materials: from identification elements and seat cubes to handlebar hangers.

“All you need to know about eBikes” brochure
“Sales support” brochure

Packaging concept

For retrofit products such as on-board computers or chargers, we developed a packaging concept using the Bosch brand corporate design. A minimalist, elegant design reflects the products’ exceptional quality. Bright-coloured side panels featuring an eBike illustration contrast with light-coloured packaging, which allows for instant product identification.